8 Budget Style Wedding Gifts

When it’s wedding season, everyone around you seems to be getting married. Your best mate, your girlfriend’s sister, wife’s cousin – the list is endless. Even as you accept wedding invitations, your mind goes to the obligatory gift-giving. You don’t want to look like a penny-pincher and at the same time, you can’t blow money on gifts. Here are 15 budget wedding gift ideas, just in time to save you embarrassment.

wedding gifts


1. Get hold of a picture of the couple at their happiest, blow it up and frame it in gilt. This makes a lifetime memory for them to cherish and they’ll never forget your gift!

2. Take a great picture of the couple and digitally manipulate the picture in front of famous natural spots, major tourist attractions and famous buildings in the world. Make it look absolutely natural. Print the pictures on fine quality photo paper in different sizes, frame them and arrange an interesting collage on a wall in the couple’s home. Every time they look at the collage, they’ll think of the effort you put in.

3. Download several great quality photos of mind-blowing sceneries and blow them up. Frame them in rugged bamboo splints which you can paint over, and hang a photo in each room in the couple’s home.

4. Get hold of a large vintage frame from a flea market for cheap. Collect childhood pictures of the bride and groom, cut out the outlines and lay them out on a piece of white laminate board. Then, using colored marker pens, draw arrows, lines and curves to indicate communication and pen some interesting, humorous dialogues between the two kids, within text balloons. Frame the laminate board in the vintage frame and gift it. This is a fantastic, lifetime memory effort that’ll be cherished for its originality, creativity and humor!


5. Get two off-season tickets to the most romantic show in a major theatre. Throw in complimentary drinks and popcorn and a couple seat. Then, on the day of the show, call the theatre manager and for a few extra dollars, have a bouquet of fresh flowers or a bottle of champagne delivered to the couple while watching the show.

6. Get a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride over your city. If you book this in advance, in non-tourist season, you might get a good price for it. Your friends will love the experience and you can add to it by snapping pictures with your digital camera and gifting them printed pictures. Check sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon for discount coupons and use them.

7. A day at the spa is a great experience. Women are frequently in and out of spas but men seem to shy from this. Gift your friends a day out at a spa, inclusive of massages, beauty treatments and sauna. Book an off season couples package for the best rates. Check for coupons to save more money.