Top 6 Tips For Wedding on a Budget

budget wedding tips

Usually we don’t like to see the words ‘wedding’ and ‘budget’ in the same sentence, but times are hard, and increasing numbers of us need to look into ways to keep the cost of our big day down. This is what is all about; helping you save costs and budget for your wedding!

From your wedding photographer to your dress designer; here are six top tips to get you started for planning the perfect wedding on a budget.


Okay, this isn’t actually to do with keeping costs to a minimum, but in the long run, it will make a huge difference. Of course, we can always borrow the money to pay for our dream wedding, but who wants to start married life burdened with debt?


While that castle in rural Scotland might be the perfect place for a fairy tale wedding, is it really worth the thousands of pounds it will cost to hire for a single day?

Instead, do you have any friends or family with a particularly large and scenic garden? Decorate it properly and it can look nearly as beautiful as a castle in the hills (I said nearly, okay?!). You can also hire out a large gazebo so you’re prepared for anything the weather can throw at you.

If you can’t let the dream of a wedding in a grand old building go, consider holding your big day out of season or during the week rather than at the weekend.


Do you really need to hire a renowned catering company to prepare, cook and serve your food for you? Why not get your guests to help out instead. You can agree for each person to prepare a particular item of food and put on a fantastic buffet at little or no cost to yourself.

saving for marriage


Most venues will let you supply your own alcohol, but they will charge corkage fees. If you’re following tip number 2 (location) then fantastic; no-one’s even going to charge you for opening your wine!


Again, there is no need to hire an overpriced and overrated wedding photographer. Instead, look locally. The perfect wedding photographer could be right at the end of your road in the form of a one-man band or even a student. Just be sure to check out their portfolio and equipment quality before shaking hands and signing on the dotted line.

If you don’t know where to find a local wedding photographer, simply use the internet to search locally. Something such as ‘Northampton wedding photographer’ or ‘Northampton photographer wedding’ should reveal exactly what you’re looking for.

The Dress

Of course, the dress! The one thing we want to be perfect more than anything else – you didn’t think I’d suggest blowing everything you’d saved on this did you?

You could, shock, horror, go second hand. It’s not as if the dress will be old and worn; we only wear it once!

Oxfam actually have 11 shops across the UK with bridal departments so why not face your fears and at least see what they have to offer?

We hoped these 6 tips helped! 

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